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A quick glance at today’s headlines gives evidence that we have reached a crisis point in history. Pastor Carter Conlon believes, and Scripture confirms, that a judgment is coming on the entire world–but God’s mercy always precedes and triumphs over judgment. Unshakable is a book that will do two things. First, it will give an answer to those who say, “God, I trusted you. Why have you forsaken me?” Second, it will affirm that God will do amazing things in the lives of those who choose to believe in Him through the difficult times ahead. “That is the trial of faith,” Conlon writes. “That is how you will emerge unshaken with something more precious than gold.”

Chapter Titles:
• Who Will Be Left Standing?
• Appraisal Time
• Where Shall I Invest?
• Days of Difficulty: Behind the Scenes
• An Endless Supply
• Many Will Soon Be Buying Pure Gold
• The Last Bank

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