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Your Life to Calm Other's Storms

God is asking many to surrender to Him today. He's asking you to begin reading His Word and allow the Holy Spirit to change you from the inside out because God promises that you will become a new creation in Christ.

So many today are finding themselves in a storm. Families are drowning, children are drowning, their marriages are drowning, and their neighbors are drowning. God is speaking to you. He's trying to get a hold of you because many people will be taken out of their storms when you step out and come into the right relationship with God. God wants to use your life to calm other people's storms.

Listen to me today. This is important in our generation. There are people from all over the world joining us at 7:00 PM Eastern time every Wednesday, and we're beginning to pray and say, “God, use us again for your glory” at

It’s time to pray.

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