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You Are the End Time Army of God

I’m reminding you today that it’s time for this last-day weakened army to step into a place of strength that only God can give. His promise is to strengthen you with a power that you can’t get anywhere else but from Him. The promise of Christ is that He is the resurrection and the life, and even if a man dies, yet shall he live.

So get up and start trusting Jesus Christ for your strength and your life. You are God’s end-time army. Even if you’re suicidal today, or are addicted or depressed, or you can’t get out of bed, or maybe you just hate who you are, or you feel afflicted, it still doesn’t change anything. You are still the end-time army of God. You are God’s plan to show His glory to this generation.

Victory awaits you. Get up. Grab hold. Move forward in the strength of God.

If ever there was a time to pray, the time to pray is now.

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