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You Are Called With a Unique Calling

I want to remind you today that you are called with a holy calling. As a matter of fact, you and I are called with a very unique calling. There are no exceptions to this. You are called into something that will require the help of God, and you and I can't go there in our own strength. If we try, we will fail. We need God in our lives to accomplish what God has called us to do and what God wants us to be right now. Don't let your thinking be wrapped up by the things that people are saying, people who live outside of the kingdom of God. The world will mislead you. Get your direction, get your guidance, get your strength from the Word of God.

Join with us every Tuesday night at 7:00 PM Eastern Time for our Worldwide Prayer Meeting. People are joining with us now from over 200 countries all throughout the world, and God is doing the miraculous.

Remember, above all things in our time, it's time to pray.

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