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Yet His Affection is On Us

I want to remind you today that God doesn't need anything. He is complete within Himself. Although He can exist alone fully in Himself, He chose to create us in His image because He wanted fellowship. I don't fully understand that mystery.

The Bible says it's a mystery that the angels desire to investigate. With all the perfection in Heaven, with all the created beings around Him, moving in complete unison with His will, worshiping Him, and not needing to be redeemed. And yet, His affection is on us. In all of our flaws, His love and attention are on us.

Knowing that the creator of the universe desires fellowship with us should compel us to want to have fellowship with God. It's time that we stop being busy and start giving our attention and reflection on other things when a loving God is waiting to have fellowship with us and willing to use us for his glory.

It's time to pray.

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