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Would You Help Us To Pray Again

We knew the Word of God in this nation. We knew what God said. We knew the warnings of God. Some voices were raised to caution us, just as in Acts chapter 27. The apostle Paul said, "Don't take this journey. If you do, it's going to result in the loss of everything."

Here we are with that loss, the loss of our military, might, civility, economy, and morality. It seems today that everything is being thrown into the wind.

It's time that we cry out to the Lord and ask Him to restore us. The cry of our hearts in this generation is God Almighty. Would you help us to pray again? We must understand that if we cry out to God, God will be God one more time. If ever there was a time to cry out to Him, my brother, my sister, it's now.

It’s time to pray.

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