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Whimper in the Dust

I don't want to take another step without God's Holy Spirit. I don't want to speak without the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. What's the point, if it's just empty clatter and noise?

You and I should ask God now for the empowerment of His Spirit. Let's pray that we may not be just a whimper in the dust in this last hour of time, but that you and I might be a warrior church, yielding the sword of the Spirit and God's Word to this generation. We need oil in our lamps so we can show people in darkness the way to eternal life. We must pray for strength to bear fruit for the sake of God’s kingdom and for His Name.

Join us every Tuesday night, 7:00 PM Eastern Time at, where we gather together to pray right now from our own Bible school, Summit International School of Ministry in Grantville, Pennsylvania. Join with us, text or submit your prayer request on our website because now it's time to pray.

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