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Where the Presence of God Is

A lot of churches in America today are fleeing from the presence of God, because where the presence of God is, there is a conviction of sin. Where God's presence is, we can hear God's calling. He calls us into something maybe we're reluctant to do or even think that we're capable of doing.\n\nYou have a unique calling on your life, tailored just for you from the hand and the heart of God. You'll never know it until you walk into His presence. He starts speaking into your heart about things that you never before would have considered.\n\nMy brothers and sisters, seek the presence of God today and say “yes” to the call of God upon your life. On Tuesday night, 7:00 PM Eastern Time, join us online and pray with people from all over the world that are seeking the will of God. You can find it at Remember, it's time to pray.

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