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When the Natural Strength is Gone

I want to tell you that at this stage of my life, I find God is opening bigger doors than I've ever seen in my lifetime. He's inviting me into places where I'm honestly not qualified to go, and to speak to people I'm not qualified to speak to.

You see, God is the one that qualifies. He's the one who gives us the word. If we would simply get up and go through the doors that he's opened before us, not looking at our resumes or certificates that we do or don't have on the wall, God doesn't need any of that. All he needs is an obedient heart and a person who says, "God, speak to me. Use me. I am willing to go where you send me, and I'm willing to speak what you give me when I get there."

You see, the beauty of it all is that when our natural strength is gone, it's then that the strength of God begins to take over. He calls us, he equips us, and he sends us. Will you go?

It's time to pray.

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