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When Christ Becomes the Center

When Christ becomes the center of our focus, anything that hinders us from seeing Him or understanding Him is taken away. When we turn to the Lord, the separation between us and Christ is no longer there. The darkness of our hearts lifts, and we begin to understand things we didn't understand before.

If we are willing to hear what God is wanting to speak to us, and if we're willing to look at what He has done for us, if we're willing to ask Him to give us a revelation in our hearts, we will begin to understand God's truth.

Even as weak or mediocre as we might feel, we can ask God to show us His divine plan for our lives. Let's ask God to help us stop looking at ourselves and to put our eyes on Christ. It's time for you and I to let Jesus Christ Himself be the very center of our focus.

Remember, it's time to pray.

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