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What is Written on Your Heart

I want to remind you today that when you accept Christ as your Savior, He will take awaythe old issues out of your heart, and He'llrewrite a new law in your heart. You'll become a new person in Christ. That'swhat it means to be born again.


You die, and a new you is born with new hopes, dreams,aspirations, powers, abilities, a new calling, and abrand new future—one that glorifies God. Paulsaid that he was convinced that within him dwelleth no good thing apart from Christ.


My questions to you today are: What is written on your heart? Are youwilling to allow God to erase the old things and give you a new heart? Have youinvited Christ into your life? You can't have a new heart without Jesus Christwashing away your sin, and you can't have this new heart without the HolySpirit living inside of you. Turn to God today.


Remember, it's time to pray.


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