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We Need Courage

Ithank God that even though the hour is dark and the day is late, He is waking usand showing us it's time to pray. We need theboldness of God in our hearts once again. Weneed the courage to step out of the shadows and stand for the truth. There areso many people now depending on us.

We cannot afford to cower backward and allow theseevil agendas of darkness to swallow up our children, families, and nation. It'stime for the people of God to rise, stand,proclaim His truth in this generation, andbring glory again to His name.

Join us every Wednesday at 7:00PM EST as people worldwide gather at to pray and believe God for an end-time spiritual awakening. If ever there was a time to callout to God, it's now.

Above everything, remember, it's time to pray.

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