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We Need a Powerful Move of God

If you follow the Word of God and what the Spirit of God speaks to you, you will become everything that God promised you. We all count, and every one of us can make a difference. If we follow Him, there will be ministries born such as evangelists, pastors, teachers, leaders, church planters, civic leaders, and godly people even in our school system. All who follow Him will be given wisdom and boldness that is far beyond our natural ability, a wisdom and boldness that can only come from God.

My brother and sister, it's time for you and I to allow the giftings of the spirit of God to begin to operate exactly where He places us, and to do so for His glory. We need a powerful move of God in this generation, and it starts in your life and in mine when we choose to live for the benefit of others.

To find this boldness in Christ, remember, it's time to pray.

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