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We Must Have Gods Power 

The Apostle Peter once thought he would never betray or deny Jesus. All it took for him to cower in front of a little girl was to ask if he was one of the disciples. He responded that he didn't even know Jesus.

However, after Peter was touched by the power of God in the upper room, he became a man with a biblical worldview. He came out of that upper room not with his own opinions about God but God's opinion about the world. Then, Peter spoke one of the most powerful sermons in the New Testament, and 3,000 people bent their knees that day to God.

Peter no longer feared man because he had received the power of God. We must accept God's power and stand firm on His Word. We cannot cower before this generation. We must rise and give God glory. This is available to every believer; just ask Him yourself.

It's time to pray.

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