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We Have to Take Him at His Word

I want to remind you today that the Word of God has the power to create and recreate life. The Bible will quicken us if we allow the Spirit of God to make the Word of God alive in us. God’s Word brings glory to who He is through us.

There’s so much darkness in life, but God’s Word says that He will raise a standard against it and show us a pathway through it. The Word of God simply changes us as we behold the victory of Christ.

You and I have to learn just to take Him at His word. We need to yield our bodies to be part of that standard that God wants to raise in this generation. We need to recognize that God doesn’t need our might, He doesn’t need our intellect, He doesn’t need anything we have except a heart that believes in Him and longs to bring glory to Him. Ask for faith to believe today what God says.

It’s time for you and me to pray.

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