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We Have Tasted the Freedom

I am reminding you today that we pray for others because we know that they can be free. We have tasted the freedom that comes from being in relationship with Jesus Christ, and we know this freedom is possible for others. If we have a new heart, a new mind, and a new spirit, the same passion that sent our Christ and Savior to the cross for us, will put a burden on our hearts to pray for those in sin, that they too would be saved.

We simply can't afford to be self-focused anymore. We can't afford to keep passing people by and judging them in our disgust. Instead, let's pray for them with compassion. We want to pass on what we've experienced and comfort others with what we have found in our comfort in Christ.

May God help us once again to begin to care for all the people around us. For you and I, it's time to pray.

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