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We are not Destined to Go Down in Defeat

I wantto challenge you today. It’s time to call your sin what it is. Admit today that sinseparates you eternally from God and that you can’t go to Heaven based onyour goodness. It’s only through the shedblood of Jesus Christ on the cross 2,000 years ago that eternity with God canbecome ours.


It’s time to admit your condition and believe that God sent His Son to die on a crossto pay the price for your sin. Open your heart and invite Him in to be your Lord and savior.Begin to confess Him with your mouth. Confess Him to your family and in your prayers every day. Confessthis new life in Christ and begin to walk with God, and watch what God will doin your life and your family.


Our destiny is not to go down in defeat. We don’t have to give our children and our families over todarkness. We have spiritual authority. It’stime for you and me to rise in the strength ofChrist.


It’s time to pray.

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