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We Are Called to Do More

You and I are called to do more than just tolerate one another. We're called, actually, to esteem one another. He set you where you are, to be what you are, and to do what you do; to glorify Him in the unique way that only you can. This is not by happenstance but divinely placed by God. You're not in competition with others. Everyone has a value in the kingdom of God.

There are no big people, no little people, no talented or untalented. We all have an incredible worth in the eyes of God. May God teach us to see His good in others and to live for the benefit of others.

We have a Worldwide Prayer Meeting here in New York City every Tuesday night at 7PM Eastern Time. Our prayer meeting is streamed live on the Internet at Join us and be encouraged as we hear how God is answering prayers.

It's time to pray.

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