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We Are Approaching the Return of Christ

According to the Word of God, the last days began on the day of Pentecost and had been unfolding over the last 2000 years. I believe that we're now in the last of the last days. We are quickly approaching the return of Christ. The Holy Spirit is building His Kingdom by animating us and empowering us, causing the promises of God to come to life as we simply choose to believe God.

Let's believe for the Lord to raise us out of all weakness and to raise us into the strength that Jesus' cross has provided for us. Let's pray that God gives us a voice so that we can speak on His behalf to this generation.

Join us every Wednesday at 7 PM EST at People from over 211 countries and dependencies are coming together, and we believe that God is going to raise a victorious end-time army.

Remember, it's time to pray.

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