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Victory Will Follow

Thereis a spiritual authority when you get up and start walking with God. When you choose to repentof your sin and live life in God’s way,victory will follow. I encourage you to rise andbecome the person God intended you to be.


TheLord will make it known to your family that He loves them and has thepower to change their lives, as well as yours. Get up and start walking withGod; this is your responsibility. Let the HolySpirit change your life. Admit that you are a sinner that needs a Savior. Don’t try to saveyourself; it’s not possible. Don’t make excuses any longer for your sin; that only leads to destruction.


Callout to Jesus. He has a plan for your life. Letthat plan start today. It’s so important thatyou and I stand up in the righteousness of God and retake spiritualauthority.


It’s time to pray.

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