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Victory Will Come Back into View

Psalm118:17–19: “I shall not diebut live and declare the works of the Lord. The Lord has chastened me severely,but he has not given me over to death. Open to me the gates of righteousnessand I will go through them and I will praise the Lord.”


TheBible tells us that the Lord chastens us when we begin to lose our way and ourfocus because of carelessness or neglect in our walk with Him. We know thatHe does it out of love for us. Though it mightseem severe, He promises that He’ll never leavenor forsake us. He will show us a pathway totake.


Get uptoday and go in that direction. Now, a victory that is already yours will comeinto view again. You haven’t lost it; you just don’t see it.


Mybrother and my sister, it’s time to pray.

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