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Unresolved Conflicts

I am reminding you today that there are many who go to church week after week, singing songs of love to God, yet have unresolved conflicts and unforgiveness in their heart towards their very own family, their friends, and sometimes their brothers and sisters in Christ. They appear before God asking for a blessing yet sadly, God doesn't recognize them because their hands lifted up in praise to God, don't match their heart of unforgiveness. Forgive us, Lord, for dealing dishonestly with you. God reveal our true hearts to us and show us where we need to repent and be healed so that we can be right with You and with others again. Only then can we be truly blessed.

In the heart of New York City, people are gathering for an explosive time of prayer every Tuesday night at 7:00 PM. You can join us here in New York or live on the Internet for our Worldwide Prayer Meeting. We're seeing so many answers to prayer.

Remember my brother, my sister. It's time to pray.

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