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They Stood Upon Their Feet

God speaks to our hearts about things He has determined to do. We see the pattern of it in His Word. So we don't have to grasp in the dark to see who God is or how His heart operates. We see who it is that the Lord chooses to bring glory to His name in this and every other generation.

I'm asking God to cause a rising as He once did and showed through the prophet Ezekiel. When Ezekiel spoke God's words to bones that had died in a dry place, those bones came together, and they stood upon their feet. Strength was given to them, and the breadth of God entered into them, and they became an exceeding great army.

I'm asking the Lord to raise an exceeding army for His glory out of the bones of our present generation and perhaps our professed worship that has fallen far short of His glory.

It’s time to pray.

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