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There's Going to be a Song

I truly believe that God is raising an end-time testimony of men and women, young and old, that will stand before this generation as a declaration of His power and grace. We need to take hold of the spiritual authority that many have lost.

God will resurrect His church in this last hour that we're living in. He will raise the least likely of us to be warriors for His Kingdom. There is going to be a song in us that could only come from Heaven. Many will open their hearts, acknowledging that they need a savior, and Jesus Christ, through it all, will be glorified.

We must acknowledge today that we need the Spirit of God. We can't live this Christian life on our own, and we won't be able to stand in the coming days without Him. Today, we need to pray for courage, faith, and boldness for the days just ahead of us.

It's now time to pray.

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