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There's a Concerted Effort

Genesis chapter 19, we see one of the most sordid stories of human depravity in the entire Old Testament. In it, a group of sexually immoral people were trying to break into the house of a righteous man and to force two messengers who were sent by God to become partakers of their sin. It shows us that if you take away the foundation of Christ, there's no limit to the depth of depravity in the human heart.

It's only the presence of God through His Holy Spirit that restrains evil in this world. Today, you and I are facing a concerted effort to push immorality into the house of God; to force ministers of God to acquiesce to immoral lifestyles in our generation, and to agree with definitions of things that God in His Word and in His heart does not agree with. We are very close to the moment that they were in, in this particular story. A time when depravity wants to reign, the only thing that stands against it is prayer.

It's time to pray.

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