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The Only Hope for Our Nation

We live in a generation that's unraveling before our very eyes. Our society is spiraling out of control, and our children are being thrown into a sea of confusion. Our young people are being taught that there is no God, and some are even being taught to hate their own country.

We seem to be spinning into confusion and immorality. The only hope for our nation now is a spiritual awakening. The only hope for a spiritual awakening comes through men and women of God like you and me, who the Holy Spirit empowers. We need today to allow the Holy Spirit to take complete control of our lives. We need to reclaim the mind of Christ.

Join us Wednesday at 7:00 PM Eastern time, where people worldwide are praying for God's end-time freedom and movement. Oh, my brother, my sister, it's only through prayer that you'll ever know God's fullness for your life.

It's time to pray.

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