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The Kingdom of God Is Advanced By Ordinary People

The kingdom of God is not advanced through human strategy or human ingenuity. The kingdom of God is advanced by ordinary people like you and me.

As you begin to read the Bible and talk to God, He's going to start talking to you. He's going to raise you up out of weakness and give you strength. He's going to take you into places to do things that you never believed you could do, and it will bring glory to His name because you know, and others will know, that only God could have done this through you.

I believe that in our generation, no matter how dark it gets, God is going to raise up an army one last time to bring glory to His name and we are going to be part of that army. So, take heart. It's not about your strength, it's about the strength of God. It's not about your courage, it's about God's courage that He would place in your heart. Everything is about Him and all things come through Him.

Remember, it's now time to pray.

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