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The Holy Desperation of One Person

If those who plotted to kill all the Jewish people during the book of Esther had been successful, then we can conclude that the temple wouldn't have been rebuilt. Jewish history would've been different. It would've affected all of history.

We give Esther, the queen, the marquee, and the story because she was the queen. She prayed, fasted, and she petitioned the king. However, another hero in that story was Mordecai. He was a man who began to intercede, and this proves to us that the holy desperation of one person can change both the future and change history.

We must ask God again for holy desperation for our generation. There's darkness trying to confuse our children, swallow up our young people, divide our families, and ultimately destroy our nation. You and I need to have holy desperation again, and by God, the courage to stand.

It's time to pray.

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