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The Banquet is Ready

Luke, chapter 14, verse 16 to 18: "Then He said to him, 'A certain man gave a great supper and invited many, and sent his servant at supper time to say to those who were invited, "Come, for all things are now ready." But they all with one accord began to make excuses.'" This parable is referring to Jesus who invites everyone to a great supper where no one is excluded. Yet, in this parable, we see those who were invited start to make excuses as to why they can't come.

Many are invited to undertake a journey with God, but the invitation, even in our time, is often declined. There's a call on everyone's life and it requires a willingness to say, "God, I'll go wherever you lead me." It may mean forsaking your stake in the things of this world. But I want to tell you something, it will really be worth it. The banquet is ready. The invitation is yours.

It's time to pray.

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