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Take Hold of God's Promises

Many people make promises to God, and they're constantly breaking their promises. They become weary in making these promises that they know they can't keep, and it's just so hopeless.People are hanging by a thread because they're just so weak.


Human effort to be godly must look so ridiculous in the sight of God. He knows it's not possible, but humanly speaking, we don't. We keep making promises and keep getting more and more discouraged, then coming back into His presence and confessing our sins. We try to do better, but the whole system of you and I making promises to God was doomed to fail.


That's why we needed Jesus Christ to come and die on a cross for our sins. We can't live by making promises to God.We now live by God's promises to us. He promises to be God to us. He promises to be God in us and to be our strength and our life. Take hold of His promises today and begin to believe them. He loves you.


It's time to pray.

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