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Stop Trying to Fit In

Do you find it ironic that we care more about what people think about us than what God thinks about us? We're suddenly more concerned about being rejected in the marketplace by our coworkers, by people outside the Kingdom of God. So we try to modify our behavior what we say because we have a general need to fit in.

However, if Christ calls us, we will not fit into this falling society if Christ gives us His Holy Spirit. The reproaches of Christ will fall upon us. As they treat Christ, they will also treat us. There's an inherent pride in all of us, but there is a point where pride must die in everyone.

There's a point where God says, “I'll give you what you ask for, but first, you must humble yourself.” Remember, it's time that we humble ourselves in the sight of a mighty and merciful God, and we start it by beginning to pray.

It’s time to pray.

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