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Some Things Don't Die Very Graciously

The promise of God is freedom in Jesus Christ. However, sometimes we get discouraged when it takes time to happen. I battled with fear for nine years and was delivered in one minute.

I can't say everything else went as fast as fear did; some things took a long time. There needs to be an embracing of God's Word, a longing in the heart that says this is what my life should be. We need to embrace the promises that even though you haven't arrived where you ought to be, Paul the apostle said, "I'm leaving behind those things that need to be left behind, and I'm going to press forward to the high calling of God."

Some things don't die very graciously, but the gospel's truth is that they lose their hold and pass away in time. Embrace the Word of God and continue to press forward.

It's time to pray.

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