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Shout His Promises Back to Him

Oftentimes we sing songs about shouting unto God and singing His praises when we come into His presence. I was thinking, why exactly should we be shouting and singing uproariously? We're not shouting because we had a great week or because everything is going well or because there are no storms in our lives, although those are not bad reasons to shout. We ought to be shouting because Christ Jesus lives in us and made promises to us that He intends to keep.

In the midst of our circumstances and trials, instead of questioning God's integrity and faithfulness, we make the choice to shout His promises back to Him, simply declaring, "God, I believe."

One promise at a time. We remind Him that He is still our God, still Lord over all, still good and forever unchanging.

It's time for you and I to shout, "I believe." It's time to pray.

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