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Rise Up and Be Victorious Again

All we can do at times is believe our mediocre interpretations of God’s greatness. God has to override our thoughts and present Himself to us.

In Psalm 119, David is saying, “”If you enlarge my heart, I will run after you.”” I’m asking God that He gives everyone an enlarged heart, so we can begin to believe in Him for every situation we might be facing—difficulties and struggles in our homes and in our families.

I believe this is the hour for God’s church to rise and be victorious again. I’m asking the Lord to give us an expanded view of who He is, and that we can understand the largeness of His heart towards us. At times, we have such mediocre faith, and I want you and I to be lifted to a place where we actually believe God. In that belief, we stand up and begin to walk with Christ.

It’s time to pray.

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