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Revival Is Now Stirring

In reading the book of Ezra, we see the people of God are called to be extraordinary. They were empowered, gifted and called to be a praise and witness on the earth to the name of God. Unfortunately, these same people dealt casually with their calling. Serving and worshiping God became a matter of convenience, and it's for this reason that God allowed them to be taken captive by the same things that had captivated them. In time, however, God's mercy stirred the heart of a king and God drew His own people back to Himself again.\n\nAs the Church in this generation, let's not fall into the same peril by failing to take our calling seriously. Revival is now stirring. It's time for God's people to come back to Him, to seek Him and to allow Him to be His light through us in the earth.\n\nFor you and I, it's time to pray.

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