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Remember This One Truth

We have had a very long season of comfortable Christianity in this country. Those days are now over. Darkness has come in like a flood, and unfortunately, it's going to get a lot darker in the days ahead.

However, remember this one truth: When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will raise a standard against it. God will look, and He will find somebody willing to preach the gospel the way it's written. You can't hear the voice of God if your will is stronger than the will of God. You can't listen to the voice of God if you aren't willing to be obedient and give up your life and even your freedom, if necessary.

When the Holy Spirit speaks to your heart, my challenge to you today is to obey Him, as Christ did, and allow Him to begin to lead you. To know the direction of God, you have to talk to God.

It's now time to pray.

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