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Put Away Your Excuses

I want to remind you that there is somewhat resistance to opening your heart to God in every human heart. But if you remove the barrier of your heart and put away all the excuses as to why you can't come to God, He will come if you open the door of your heart.

He will come into your life and become your strength. It will carry you. And that alone will change you. The Bible promises that. He will teach you how to speak. He will guide you. The Bible says if you open your heart to Jesus Christ, you will become a new creation. The old things in your life will pass away, and all things in your life will become new.

You will become a testimony to the reality of this great news of God's salvation through his Son, Jesus Christ. May I challenge you to put away all resistance, and today, will you just open your heart to God?

It's time to pray.

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