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The Lord's put it on my heart today to pray for those listening who might be discouraged because of their circumstances.


Father, in Jesus' name, God, I just lift the men and women, my brothers and sisters that are listening and may be are losing heart because of family situations or even the situation in their country or their sphere of influence, whatever it is. God, I just lift them before you.


Lord, you are the Giver and theAuthor of life. You are the one who promises an abiding joy, and I do pray,God, for everyone who's listening that we would all open our hearts to the strength that you alone are able to give us in our times of discouragement.Lift the heavy spirit from those that are listening to this prayer today and let it be done in a way that brings glory to your name. Thank you, God, for this incredible privilege of praying for my friends in Jesus' name.


It’s time to pray.

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