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Persecution Drives Us Back to Our True Power Source

We've come to a time again in history where there's an open rejection towards those who believe in and live for Jesus Christ, but I believe that it's a good thing. This rejection sends us back to where we have belonged all along, and that is a place of prayer. We're going there, not in our strength, but in dependence upon Jesus.

When we're praying in our own strength, we have a tendency to add our own plans to the leading of God, but when we're weak, finally, we have no more plans. We understand, like those who have gone before us in scripture, that there is no way forward without our complete and total dependence on Jesus. Persecution drives us, the Church of Jesus Christ, back to our true power source, God Himself.

It really is time, not just to say that we believe, but to begin to live it out. It all begins when we start to pray.

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