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People Are Afraid of Commitment

Commitment feels like such a big issue in our generation. We've seen it so sparsely modeled that we don't even really know what it looks like anymore. However, commitment is intrinsic to our walk with Christ and the contribution that we make as a church to society. Commitment is only a theory until you actually have to do it, to walk it out.

People are afraid of commitment for a number of reasons. The fear of rejection, of being hurt, maybe a lack of satisfaction. Commitment in marriage, our salvation, our morality, and in our relationships-- will all be tried. I pray that we would see that God is committed to us. He will never leave us or forsake us.

I encourage you to join us as we gather together to pray in New York City every Tuesday night at 7:00 PM Eastern time. You can access it live on the Internet at

My brother, my sister, it's time to pray.

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