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Only in People Empowered by the Holy Spirit

The Bible says that when Jesus rose from the dead, He took our captivity captive and gave gifts on demand. He gives us giftings of God: words of wisdom, words of knowledge, the ability to pray, and even to believe.

Jesus gives us a heart to love as we've never loved before. He gives us courage and faith, and things that would've made us sink and places we would have perished in now are placed under our feet. We walk in places that ordinary men and women can't. Only people empowered by the Holy Spirit can walk in those places and be used to glorify God on the earth.

We glorify God when we simply just get up, no matter what storm it is that we're facing. We begin to move towards the voice of God and simply say yes to the call. We start by praying.

It's time to pray.

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