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Old Truths to New Hearts

God can make old truths new to our hearts. He can send His word and set people free. He can heal the brokenhearted. He can open the door to those who are captive. He can correct the pathway of those who have deviated from the truth. He can give clarity to those whose minds are confused. He can give strength to those who are weary and give resources to those who are poor. This is simply who God is, and so much more.

Let’s pray that the Lord gives us the grace and wisdom to reach people who have settled for a path for their lives that’s not sufficient; it’s not what God has called them to be or where He has called them to go.

You see, my brother, my sister, that the coming of the Lord is very, very soon. It’s up to you and I to share the truth that God has revealed to our hearts and not hold back in a single thing.

Pray that God would give you courage today. Remember, to get this courage, it’s time to pray.

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