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May I Encourage You

I want to remind you today that the Bible says that whatever is written on your heart, you will confess with your mouth. May I take a moment to encourage you? Will you stop declaring that you are what you ought not to be? Will you start declaring who you are in Christ?

You need to start delighting yourself in the Lord and let Him give you the new desires of your heart. You’ll be absolutely amazed. He’s most glorified in taking us in our weakest area and using that for His glory. He’s not glorified in our strength because you and I will always touch the glory. We’ll end up saying, “Hey, look what Jesus and I did.” No.

He will take us in the weakest area of our lives, and we will know that it was only by the power of God that we are where we are in life. Trust God today in your weakness to become your strength. Go ahead, take a moment. Ask Him to make you strong.

It’s time to pray.

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