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Many Have Tried to Do Church

The cry of my heart in this generation is, "Come Holy Spirit of God, we need you." So many have tried to do church without the power of God's Holy Spirit, and many good works were done in Christ's name. However, ultimately, our nation is dying around us right now, and we need fresh empowerment of God's Holy Spirit.

We won't be able to make a difference without God. What we've accomplished in the past as a church will not work in the future. We need fresh empowerment of God's Holy Spirit and a willingness to be ridiculed by a lost world. We cannot care what people say about us.

Let people laugh. Let them call us names. But still, we must ask for that fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit to reach men, women, and children for the cause of salvation in Jesus Christ. That's what my life and yours should be now all about.

It's time to pray.

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