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Let's Refuse to be Divided

I want to remind you today that there's a big fight ahead of us and we don't have the luxury to dismiss the whole body of Christ. Unity is more important than being in agreement on every little detail of peripheral doctrine. God has given us an opportunity to be a reflection of the body of Christ. Let's refuse to be divided over inconsequential doctrines. May we go past the traps of division thinking, somehow, that we're holier. God help us to unite as one body before Your throne of grace, to be justified on that great day. May truth govern our lives and not petty divisions that do not lead to eternal change, or profit.

I invite you to join us every Tuesday night at 7:00PM here in New York City or live on the Internet for our Worldwide Prayer Meeting. People are sending in their prayer requests and we have the privilege to pray for those requests. You can watch the service live or send in your prayer requests at

It's time to pray.

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