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Let's Ask God to Use Us

Today, I want you to know that I'm asking the Lord that He would raise an army of soldiers for God's Kingdom's sake. I believe God will break through every wall of unbelief, and He will reach the center core of every heart and cause you and I to rise and declare that we're going to walk with God.

If God has given us His Holy Spirit, then that's our inheritance, and we should lay claim to that. Before Jesus returns to this world, I pray that God will bring an enumerable amount of people into His Kingdom. God will raise us as the end-time church to bring glory to His name. God will give us the strength and the giftings that you and I need from the Holy Spirit to face the evil of our day.

Let's ask God to use us in a new and profound way in the days ahead. Let's you and I believe today for a great and glorious harvest. Let's talk to God.

It's time again to pray.

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