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Leaving Behind the Wrong Voices

You and I have to leave behind those voices that say we're never going to amount to anything, that we're never going to go beyond our limitations, never going to be able to climb the mountain that stands before us, that we won't make it through the valley we're presently in, or be able to get through this one hardship.

I have learned over the years that these are all lies because you and I are what God says we are. We are able to do everything that God calls us to do. We do become what God says we will be, and we will go where God calls us to go. We will be able to accomplish all that God says He will be able to accomplish by His strength.

Stop listening to the lies that hinder you. Believe in an all-powerful God who is mighty to do what you and I could never do in our own strength.

Remember, it's time to pray.

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