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Keep Calm and Carry On

In Psalm 22, beginning in verse one, King David says, "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? Why are you so far from helping me and from the words of my groaning? Oh my God, I cry in the daytime, but you do not hear, and in the night season, I'm not silent."

King David had a point in his life where he felt forsaken and such a failure that God ignored him, and people all around were mocking him. Despite it all, though, he continued to pray, largely complaining.

Suddenly in verse 21, an explosion of understanding that God has never forsaken him comes into his heart. He's given a future vision of the everlasting faithfulness of God. Jesus once said, "Men ought always to pray and never faint." As the old English saying goes, keep calm and carry on.

It's time to pray.

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