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Just As You Are

Today, you might be feeling like a spirit of hopelessness is about to swallow you. However, in the middle of the storm that you are now facing, it's now the Lord who is calling you to walk with Him. He will take you just as you are. He wants to show you what He can do in and through your life when you simply say yes to the calling that's upon you.

Often, people will tell God, well, deal with my storm, and then I will serve you. But the Lord says to you, “Serve me, and I'll deal with your storm.” You can't use your addiction, your depression, or your struggles as an excuse any longer.

The Word of the Lord steps you out of where you are, just as you are. Be of good cheer. Do not be afraid because He is with you in your storm. It's important to call out to Him because His power is known when you talk to Him.

It's time to pray.

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