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Jesus Knew

There are a lot of Christians who want the Holy Spirit, but they don't want the pathway that the Holy Spirit will lead them on. Jesus knew that the leading of the Holy Spirit would ultimately lead Him to die for humanity.

But there are so many believers in our generation who want to be led by the Holy Spirit, but they don't want to live for the sake of other people. They don't want to be given so that others can be free. They don't want to go to the poor. They don't want to visit the prisoner in the jail. They don't want to care for widows or orphans.

The Holy Spirit is given to us for a reason that is bigger than us. Ask the Lord today to give you the courage to be led by the Holy Spirit into what is your divine purpose, which God Himself has assigned to you for His glory. There's only one way to find the purpose of God. Die to your reasonings and begin to pray.

It's time now to pray.

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